Services we Provide

MYSTERY SHOPPER SERVICESDo your front line employees have what it takes to guarantee your survival? Advertising gets the attention of your potential customer, but that’s just the beginning of the process! A mishandled call, an inadequate visit, a weak presentation or lack of follow-up all can result in missed opportunities and lost revenues. We offer professional, insightful shopping and evaluation services:

*Telephone Shops, On-site Shops, Internet Shops and Customer Survey Requests

*Real Estate, Apartments, Automotive, Banks, Hotels, Retail and more


CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT-Are you selling proactively or reactively? Lead development takes time, commitment and follow through.  We can help you improve your revenue and become more efficient by using a series of on-going communications via email, postal mail, and telephone calls.  We build awareness, familiarity and confidence in your company and products,ensuring that you’ll close more sales over time and increase your growth and profits.

*List Monitoring

*List Cleansing

*Organize Leads

*Manage Leads




LEAD GENERATION-Do you suffer from cold calling anxiety?  We provide outbound, business-to-business cold-calling services that are the first point of contact to get the sales process started. It’s not just about appointment-setting for this week’s leads. It’s about keeping your sales pipeline filled with a stream of qualified leads throughout the year, helping you drive consistent revenue and increase your ROI.

*Originate phone calls to prospective business customer

*Generate qualified opportunities and set appointments

*Transition qualified leads to your sales team


You know you want to make the call.  Call me, Jackie Grande at 608-845-3566 or


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