Do you assume you know what’s best for your prospect?

Are you one of the sales people who spews all the features & benefits of your product/service or flips through a PowerPoint presentation before you really know what the prospect needs?

Is it possible to know how to sell to your prospect without having a clear understanding of his or her needs and the value the prospect
places on finding a solution?

Open-ended questions can be the easiest and most effective part of the sales process! 

Oddly, many sales people don’t know how to use or how to ask these kinds of questions. Good questioning skills are critical to the sales process and open-ended questions are one of the salesperson’s most vital tools. These  questions not only get the customer directly involved in the sales
discussion but they force you to listen more in the conversation and  help you gather information, qualify sales opportunities and establish
friendly rapport, trust and credibility so that you can effectively and  efficiently solve their problems and issues.

Are you asking the right questions?

Plan out your questions in advance to find out as much as possible about your client. Beingprepared, asking good open-ended questions and carefully listening is  part of the process which gives you the opportunity for good follow up  and trial closing questions. You’ll see that in many cases the client will actually close themselves as a result and you’ll be viewed as  someone who is helping them, not selling them…



~ by Grande & Associates, LLC on October 19, 2011.

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