From The Eyes of a Secret Shopper


Stop (talking) Look (at the body language) & Listen (to what’s being said).

How good a listener are you? Do you watch body language? It’s surprising how many people in the capacity of sales are not trained in these areas. They’re taught about product knowledge, the features and benefits of it, and how to present it, but seldom are they instructed on the ability to listen and understand what others communicate to them, and what to do with that information.

Clients communicate on a few different levels. They use words to articulate their situation, their needs, wants or their objections. They also use their tone of voice to communicate how they’re feeling even though they may not have expressed it in their words. At other times, their body language alone tells you how they’re feeling.

You learn more when you listen than when you talk and you also see a lot more. There is a real distinction between merely hearing the words that are spoken and really understanding the message.

Listening is a valuable connecting and selling skill and learning to listen effectively requires focus and discipline. Mastering this skill can reap more benefits than all the speaking in the world

Are you listening?



~ by Grande & Associates, LLC on August 2, 2011.

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