Are my blog posts too short? What do you think?

I always thought that the best length for a blog post is however many words it takes you to get your message across and make it clearly understood… however many of the articles I have read are telling me that my blog post should be somewhere between 1000 to 1600 words.

Someone did an analysis of this subject and found that  the most tweeted blog posts that Twitter users like,  post around 1100 words.  Wow, I  typically deliver under 100 words in my posts, I guess it’s time to pick up the pace! Search engines like content that is at least 300 words, so at the very least I should strive for that.

One article I read suggests that 1000 plus words plus a minimum of 3 posts a week is a magic number for a successful blog,  while another suggests to post a short entry with a maximum 150-200 words every 1-2 day with the aim of 1 minute reading and a longer entry every 2nd week (10-14 days).   A variety of blog post lengths is good some say, the real deal is getting your point across. It doesn’t matter how long your post should be, what matters is that; people understand it, people can learn from it or they can be entertained from it.

There certainly seems to be different schools of thought on this subject, but you can’t argue the results of  what Twitter users like. This post is approximately 300 words, a far cry from 1000!  Clearly I am going to have to pick up some pointers on how to create 1000 word posts in a timely, efficient manner.  Stay tuned as I explore possibilities.

I would love to hear from you, what is your opinion on this subject or what useful tips might you suggest?


~ by Grande & Associates, LLC on June 28, 2011.

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